• Red back spider


    Redbacks are found all over Australia but are less common in the colder regions. They are often found in backyards. The females build loose, untidy webs in dry, sheltered sites. Redback spiders are black and shiny, with red or orange hourglass marking under the abdomen. Most also have a longitudinal stripe on the upper surface of the abdomen. They have long legs and a large, bulbous abdomen. Females (body: about 10 mm) are significantly larger than males (body: about 4 mm). Females live for two to three years and may produce several thousand offspring during that time. Due to their proximity to humans, hundreds of bites are reported each year.


  • Whitetailed spider


    Whitetailed spiders are found all over Australia. They usually live under bark and logs and in leaf litter, but they often enter houses. These spiders are most active at night when they wander about hunting for other spiders including black house spiders. Whitetailed spiders do not make webs but do make temporary silk retreats for moulting and egg laying. The female is about 18 mm long whereas the size of the male is smaller (about 12 mm). These spiders are not aggressive, but inflict a poisonous bite that is painful.


  • Huntsman spider


    Huntsman spiders are found living under rocks and loose bark, in crevices, on the ground, and on foliage. They sometimes enter houses or cars. They do not build webs. Huntsman spiders are very large measuring up to 15 cm across the legs. They are usually brown or grey in colour and may have banded legs. The two front pairs of their legs are significantly longer than the back two. 

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