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Pre Purchase inspection agreements

Inspection Agreements 'must' be completed for every Pre Purchase Inspection

Australian Standards 4349.1, (Inspection of Buildings), 4349.3 (Timber Pest Inspections).

*An Inspection Agreement between the Client and the Inspector shall be entered into prior to the Inspection or Inspections taking place. The Inspection agreement shall include the Purpose and Scope in accordance with the section of Inspection*.

House Inspections Victoria Inspections, whether Combined Building and Pest Inspections, Building Inspections or Timber Pest Inspections all carry Inspection agreements to assist the Client in understanding the process of Inspection before the Inspection is conducted.

Providing this process of Inspection, allows our clients to understand what is covered in the Inspection and potential limitations that may be presented during the Inspection.

The Inspection Agreement includes an explanation of the 'Purpose of the Inspection and scope of the Inspection' as defined in the Australian Standard. -

'The purpose of the Inspection' is to provide advice to a prospective purchaser or other interested party regarding the condition of the property at the time of Inspection.

'Scope of a Building Inspection' shall comprise a visual assessment of the property to identify Major defects and to form an opinion regarding the general condition of the property at the time of Inspection.

'Scope of a Timber Pest Inspection' shall comprise a non-invasive inspection of the property for Timber Pest activity.

Limitations of any Inspection are reasonably expected to be present at all of the properties we Inspect. Furnished properties and excessive Stored goods would restrict a visual inspection of some Wall areas. Locked rooms, Sheds ect may be present during the Inspection where access cannot be gained. Low Sub Floor areas that makes access not possible and Insulation present in the Roof Void restricts a visual Inspection of all areas in some cases.

In all of our Inspection reports we conduct, it will identify restrictions and limitations encountered. If any 'high risk' area is identified, a further Inspection recommendation of this area will be clearly written into the report. This will prompt you to request the vendor to make the risk areas accessible to the Inspector for an additional Inspection. Note. House Inspections Victoria do not charge extra fees for additional Inspections.

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Our Pre Inspection Agreements are clear and offer as much advice and information to our clients before the Inspection is conducted. As a Company, we insist that agreements are read, understood and returned to us before attending the Inspection. All Insurance companies require this agreement to be in place.

Final Note; If you engage a company or person to conduct your Pre Purchase Inspection without an Inspection Agreement provided, Insurance claims would be rejected if something went wrong. This is not good for you as the purchaser. - House Inspections Victoria has $5m Professional Indemnity Insurance and Inspection Agreements in place for every inspection. DONT BE CAUGHT WITHOUT BOTH OF THESE!