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Insurance for building inspections

Does your Builder have Professional Indemnity Insurance?

It is common place for a lot of buyers to ask a Builder or a friend to have a look at a House before buying. This has been going on for years and is still acceptable if you don't want a written report or any guarantee that what they tell you is accurate or correct.

Did you know that any Building Inspection, whether Pre Purchase or a Building Condition report should be documented in a certain way to conform with a Legal Australian Standard process? This process is in place to protect YOU!

  • A Pre Inspection Agreement made in writing between yourself and the Inspector is first.
  • Areas that will be Inspected should be clearly identified. 
  • Areas that can't be seen and recommendations for Invasive Inspections are required.
Did you know that a Builder is not a Structural Engineer? and should not be giving you advice on Building cracks or foundation problems! Does he know the difference between a Major and a Minor Defect as written by the Australian Standard?
The two most important questions to ask anyone conducting your inspection is:
  • Do you have Professional Indemnity Insurance? 
  • Do you provide a report that conforms with Australian Standard 4349.1?
If they have PI Insurance this is a good start, however, if they don't follow AS 4349.1 or even know what it is, guess what, the Insurance they have will not cover you. Both need to go hand in hand.
Ask yourself. Is it worth getting an uninsured Builder or a good friend to give you advice on your greatest ever investment? NO.
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